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Vuyo made his television debut in 1993 for TSS now SABC 3 as a Continuity Presenter and worked his way up to Sport Presenting and eventually as a News Anchor. In 1996 he was the SABC Anchor in Atlanta, Georgia for the Olympic Games Coverage.

He has interviewed a wide range of celebrities, politicians, sports persons as well as international guests and dignitaries, inclusing former president Nelson Mandela.

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In my book Vuyo Mbuli epitomized the New South African male.

He oozes charm, intelligence and humility, he speaks really well, he dresses impeccably and has a mischievous sense of humour.
The man often laughs at his own mistakes.
Oh yes.
This was a progressive, modern African male that did me proud.
Sharp sharp!

Then, late on Monday night, he was caught doing something that is definitely not sharp sharp.

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When Pat Legwabe arrived at his fiancée’s home on Monday night, he found her in her underwear, and morning live presenter Vuyo Mbuli scrambling to put on his clothes.

Pat tried to stop Vuyo, who was intent on making a sharp sharp getaway, but the presenter hit him with a vase, and fled.

Legwabe went directly from the doctor to the Johannesburg Central police station, where he laid a charge of assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm against Mbuli.

Meanwhile, Mbuli claims that he does not know how Legwabe was injured, and said that Legwabe was the aggressive one.
"He grabbed me by the shirt and said 'I'm going to fucking kill you,' Mbuli said.

Vuyo has also denied that he was having an affair, but admitted to being at the woman’s house ‘for personal reasons.’
Not such a sharp sharp response Vuyo.

Kader Khan

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