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The golden rule is communication, but communication is more than just talking.
Talking is a great start, but sometimes a little bit of demonstration is necessary, and who better to illustrate what turns you on than you yourself.

If you think that sex is purely an act for procreation you may now leave the building.
But if you are serious about enjoying really great sex then read on.

1. It’s a good idea for each of you to grab a notepad and write down what you do and don’t like.
Use sub-titles like;
What I need to get in the mood.
What I would like more or less of during foreplay/oral sex/intercourse/orgasm.
What I absolutely don’t like during any of the above.

Then swop notes and discuss each point in detail.

2. Take a guided tour of each other’s body
To be the best lover, you need to know your partner’s body. The hot spots as well as the cold spots.
Get your partner to lie naked on the bed – or anywhere else if you prefer – then explore every inch of their body with your hands and tongue.
Get you partner to give you a running commentary of how each sensation feels.

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3. Masturbate in front of your partner
Yes you heard me right.
You know best exactly what does it for you, so if your partner watches while you masturbate, all margins for error will be eliminated once and for all.
Besides, most men and women are wildly turned on by watching their partner masturbate anyway, so do it together.

4. Show him how to stimulate your clitoris
If you're one of the majority of women who can only orgasm during intercourse with clitoral stimulation, speak up NOW. You'll be amazed at how many men know very little about this. The next time you have intercourse, take his hand and guide him to the spot. Choose positions that allow easy access and share the workload or put your hand over his while he's stroking it. You can guide his strokes better and it seems more of a two-way thing.

And while you are at it, why not show him exactly how to get to and what to do with your G-spot. Yes you do have one.

Its also a good idea for the guys to show the ladies exactly what it is that you want her to do to your balls during orgasm!

There you have it.
Four preliminary steps to a much improved sex life
. Guaranteed.

Kader Khan


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